Brand Elements

1. Core Purpose, why we exist?
The company exists because of a simple accident made. By mistake that Walter E. Diemer had mad while work in another chewing gum company. The company this exists because of the great taste and the ability to create bubbles by chewing the bubble gum.
2. The Vision, where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there?
By supplying more gum to our loyal customers. My developing the logo we want attention from our target market. Making them curious of what we have to offer.
3. Mission, what we do every day to get there?
To improve our product chewing gum each and every day. We like to update to different favors, different style logos and expand to different target markets.
4. Values, what we believe in; our principles
Our values are to be the best chewing gum. We believe the gum packs a lot of favor that will have people coming back for more.
5. Position, how we are different?
We are different because we our gum product is specifically designed for you to have fun and blow large bubbles. We are different because we created a difference in the quality of bubble gum.
6. Positioning Statement, How we say we are different?
We are the masters of bubble gum.
7. Character, How we act; our voice?
We are a fun company that creates our brand in playing sense. We are a caring company that only wants the best for our employees and customers.

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