Drawing of animation cartoon I an working on.

Drawing of animation cartoon I an working on.

This is simply a random cartoon animation idea I had in the past.

About a girl around the age of 14 having lots of dreams about these different types of faces. Faces that had different emotion, character, behavior that all expressed who she really is but scared to show to the world. And every night they would always appear in her dreams and talk to her about her and give her advice about a life situation.

High school


Photoshop Winter photo

Photoshop Winter photo

For this self assignment I took a picture of trees. My goal was to take a winter photo for a project i was doing in my Computer graphics class at Seneca College. The weather outside however was bright and sunny, it was around the end of July. I wanted it to be a winter picture for a assignment I was doing, so I use Photoshop to transform this summer picture into a magical winter day.

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